More advances in digimonning technology

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Remember the adaptor? The amazing advance in digimonning producing a more cohesive monocular camera interface? Well, as good as it was it had some small flaws, and needed to be updated. This has now happened.
Behold version 2...

Here’s the science bit. To produce the incredible images that you see in this netblog, there are certain settings that need to be used on the camera, ISO speed, white balance, macro etc. The key however is NO ZOOM. This means vignetting occurs on every image which can be removed post production. The original adaptor did keep the lens front about 1.5mm from the lens which was not ideal. The new adaptor has rectified this.

Example one.

A gull doing looking with some vignetting.

Example two.

A different gull doing looking with less vignetting.

This incredible advance in digimonning is already producing photography of such an amazing standard, that it frankly beggars belief.

No, not many birds yesterday.


Anonymous said...

by eck it does that aint seen owt like it


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