I had a dream

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Last night. And it was about a Med Gull, on my patch. It flew around, and then it landed. I shouted 'it landed!'. I got my optics on it and noticed that it had a ring on it. 'Bonus' I thought in my dream state. The ring then got really long and turned into other tubular things on it's leg and then the dream got reeeeaaalllly wierd.

I suspect that the more sarcaaastic and erudite readers are tempted to put on their best Freudian accent "Hmmm, dreamz eh? Tell me about your muzzer"

Well I'll tell you about my mother.

It's my mother's birthday. Happy birthday mother!
It's early, it's windy and it's autumn. I'm going for a walk...


Steve Gale said...

That's the replicant from Blade Runner, isn't it?

Thing said...

Yup - "I'll tell you about my mother" he said. He then shot the man on the other side of the desk. Lots.

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