What the weekend brought

Monday, September 21, 2009

The weekend was dominated (ornithogically) by Little Owl, Yellow Wagtail, Red Kite, Goldcrest and Great Spotted Woodpecker.

The Owl and Kite for obvious reasons, the Yellow Wagtail was a London tick but perhaps most significantly the latter two.  Reader, in the space of 5 minutes on Saturday I picked up two Loo ticks, yes two.  There was a fair size flock of tits roaming around, with Goldfinches and Chaffinches and tagging along with them was a Goldcrest, which was nice.  While pondering on how nice this was, a Great Spotted Woodpecker entered stage left and landed in a tree.  Double nice.

No post would be complete without a picture, so here is a picture of a post.

A post doing geddoutofthebloodyway.


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