A Handbaaaag?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Eleonora’s Falcon, Glossy Ibis, Yellow Browned Warbler, Spotted Crake, Buzzards, Harriers and Kites. All seen fairly local to here in the last day or so, power to the finders’ elbows and all that. Autumn is now in full flow.

So what is happening in Fulham? Well funny you should ask, I can tell you that the Mallard count was up to 52 on the river yesterday. Belting eh?

Here’s something new though.

As I've mentioned before, the Thames and its tributaries do have a fair bit of rubbish chucked into them – some of it just moves down and/or up stream. Some just sits in the mud and gets exposed a couple times a day. The ‘tutting’ list that I have in my head (I see it float by, I tut) has so far not included a handbag.

But now it does.


Alan Tilmouth said...

In summer plumage too, stunning.

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