It is not a Mew Gull.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Indeed.  They are Common Gulls, they are not Mew Gulls.  They are called Common Gulls because they have a habit of congregating on commons in the winter.  They are not called Mew Gulls because their call sounds nothing like anything that even vaguely looks like a fucking cat.

Anyone (other than Amurkns who don't have commons) that thinks that calling them Mew Gulls is a good idea is a very silly billy.
And they are returning to the patch.  Over the winter there may be up to 20 at a time in the coldest times, but for now we have no more than 4 and the one below is possibly the youngest I have seen round here.  And they are one of the best looking juvenile gulls I reckon.  Hell, they are one of the best looking gulls all round.  Exquisite little birds.  Watch 'em a bit closer now that they are here.  Little belters.  Honest.
A juvenile, and adult and a retard.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you. Commons are indeed smart looking Gulls.

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