Brent Res tick frenzy

Monday, August 24, 2009

Saturday morning was a belter at Brent Res, not just for me I hasten to add dear reader. I arrived with Mrs Thing just before noon, to a reasonably full hide. The diary thingy detailed that at about 10.20 that morning a Marsh Harrier had put the gulls up, and it was joined by a bloody Buzzard! Obviously, I missed this excitement but there was still plenty going on.

I managed to get 4 patch ticks. Four. FOUR! They are Egyptian Goose (although a nagging part of me thinks that I must have seen them here before), Shelduck (a juvenile), Ruff (two of them), and a juvenile Black Necked Grebe (oh yes baby, Black Necked Grebe).

Have some rubbish pictures!

A Ruff doing feeding by some coots.

A Black Necked Grebe doing 'oh yes baby'.

The same Black Necked Grebe still doing 'Oh yes baby'.

Now a small precedent has been set over the last couple of weeks. Two weeks ago, I missed the Little Egret at Brent Res but caught up with it the following week. While dribbling on about that on here, I mentioned that a Black Necked 'Oh yes baby' Grebe had been seen but I had missed that. So let me tempt fate by saying that on Sunday there were 2 (two) Black Terns that I missed.

Tune in next week kids for the "I saw two yummy terns at Brent Res at the weekend".


col said...

feck - i missed national patch week! I only found yer blog cos someone told me to google Chris Packham Porn, but now I'm glad I did! Keep up the good work!

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