Earth shattering...

Friday, August 21, 2009

On the Wandle the other day, there was a juvenile Moorhen. Most of you will probably sigh, and exclaim ‘so what?’.

But hang about – this is actually a little strange. Moorhens did try to breed earlier in the year by hanging on to the walls of the Wandle, but suffered from high tide-ism. Juvenile birds are so rare here (especially water birds) that they stand out a bloody mile, so I would have noticed a juvenile or two knocking about in the water.

Also, usually a Moorhen juvenile will normally hang around the territory and help out with the second brood.

A little strange yes, but hardly an earth shattering observation. And hardly the greatest post ever. But as I am suffering from issues with most of the technology that surrounds me, it's about all I've got today!

A Moorhen doing juvenile, strangely.


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