Manky Mallards

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I can't claim to have coined the phrase or for that matter had the original spark that led to this post. It is a response to an ID question over on BirdForum from Rick. Now it's not normal for an ID request to be posted that specifies a particular set of birds right in the middle of your patch is it? I knew the birds mentioned, and although they were within feet of me when I first saw them, when it came to digimonning a rubbish picture for the post they were a way off and almost constantly feeding.

But here is one of them anyway.

Mallards doing manky.

Another poster put up a link from 10,000birds (which those fixated on Fatbirderism will note is in single figures) which is quite frankly superb. Keep with it, and see if you recoil from the screen when the Muscovy Duck pops up. Jayzus they sure is ugly.


Rick said...

Hee Hee... A mention on 'Counting Coots'! Does that make me a Face?

Keep up the good work Thing, and if I spot someone lurking in the bushes around the Wandle with a strange tool in his hands I'll say hello!

Thing said...

Your description is uncanny...

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