Patch Limbo

Friday, August 14, 2009

You may, dear reader, think that I have done little on the patch this week other than look at dodgy gulls. You may be right.

But there hasn't been much else around to be honest. Which is the normal scenario for spending time analysing dodgy gulls. The swifts have departed, Terns are gone, the resident ducks are in eclipse and the wintering ducks have yet to arrive. I haven't seen a Grey Wagtail for weeks. It is a seasonal patch limbo for sure. But it could end soon.

Scilly has an Audouin's gull (a properly dodgy gull if it were here), so it is no stretch of the imagination to have it cropping up here, really. If you were to ask around these parts it would be very popular in most London boroughs. We would probably chip in for an open top bus to drive it around too.

I might go and see if those mentalist coots are nesting again at lunchtime, but then again I might get to the river and go 'hmmmm guuullls'.

Greylag Geese doing bombing downriver.


Nathalie said...

Re the coots, which side of the river are they?
The reason I'm asking is that you may, or may not, be aware that as part of their Flashmob the foreshore next week, Thames21 are organising 2 clean-ups in Fulham, one of which will be from Hurlingham Wharf to Wandsworth Bridge on Friday. Details are here
I should be there, as well as the previous day by Bishops Park.

Thing said...

Thanks for the tip off Natalie, thankfully the shopping trolley in question is up the wandle, so the few/many that are on the Fulham banks will have no detrimental effect on nesting birds if they are removed. Or the bikes. Or the traffic cones. Or computers. Etc. Etc.

Nathalie said...

My pleasure!
Looking forward to removing all those cones, trolleys, tyres... ;)

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