Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Yesterday I went to check out on the Shopping Trolley Coots, and it looks like their adventure for the year is over. The trolley is back to looking like a large item of river litter rather than a hotbed of Fulica fecundity. The birds are faffing about down river, feeding and playing with discarded baby wipes. I took a couple of pictures to proffer to you dear reader but unfortunately my trusty Canon was having 'issues'. The issues have been resolved as far as I can tell so today I will be able to return to taking pictures of dodgy gulls for your delectation.

On a completely different note, does anyone know if Tufted Ducks have a habit of taking a young brood for a long walk if the initial habitat is unsuitable? Our local park has had two young broods completely vanish. No drip feed of absence - just gone. Most bird books on the my shelf are either full on ID fests, or more prosaic literature so they don't delve into the habits of the birds as much as one might like. Although I did find out that Tufties don't taste any better than rubber, which doesn't help much.

So, for no apparent reason, here is a duff picture of some Brent Geese from earlier in the year...

Brent Geese doing eating.


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