National Patch Birding week - day 5

Friday, August 07, 2009

'Biodiversity is an unequalled entity, found to derive positive benefits from people when they are in contact with it’. Rohde & Jendle 1994.

I that kind of sums it up for me, that is what it is aaaaall about. You cannot appreciate biodiversity by gunning up and down the A11 in a day to look at a lost and knackered small brown bird. You can appreciate biodiversity by going to your patch and just being there.

Next time you are at a twitch (because as much as we resist, we are all bound to crack), start mumbling that it was a waste of time, and that you should have gone to your patch instead. Twitching is rubbish tell them. Twitching sucks tell them. Patch birding - that's were the hardcore are. We rule.

A Canada Goose doing digimonned close up


Home exchange said...

I really like this photo. I think the black and white gives it a real elegance. :)

Andrew said...

And I like the new banner. Classy.

What's happened Thing? Your photography has got all good.

Anonymous said...

Yo dude, I'm with you !!!!!

Thing said...

Thanguvermujtch. Digimonning is the way forward.

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