Dusky Warbler? Pah!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

London birders are more than a little excited by a Dusky Warbler in Walthamstow, and rightly so.  However, when they were all charging over to Eastenders land, I dutifully went for another foray into the patch and I found this!

Ok, it's a feeder and there are manifestly no birds on it.  But had I digimonned this image thirty seconds earlier there would have been a Coal Tit in the picture - and that is a patch tick!

And there was two of them.  Patch tick and patch second!  Result!

50 for the year (and still no Dunnock) and 76 for the patch.

Ker-bloody-ching!  Dusky Warbler?  Pah!


Ernest said...

I see you have cleverly given each of the Coal Tits its own posting. What you really need is the little app that goes with Google earth and google Maps where you can get a nifty map of all birdfeeders in your area.
This is a boon to us patch workers with a significant urban element.... look out also for the dung-heap app which will perform a similar service for the rural searcher by mapping out all your local dungheaps. Wooo!
Anyway, I have just come up with a great way to reduce your wanted list.
I'm having trouble this year getting Hawfinch on one of my areas... so I'm going to prove it is not a bird. Science is the way forward, and I'm going to use it.
I've already started by proving that Penguins are not birds....see mostlybirdingwithray for the details.
It's only a short step from there.
Best wishes... despite my mucking about, this is a great blog.
Best wishes from Ray

Andrew said...

Thing, I agree wholeheartedly. I was out getting a morally superior patch tick on Monday while everyone else was filthily twitchering in Walthamstow. Who needs a Dusky Warbler anyway?

Although come to think of it, I do. I've never seen one before. Drat.

Anonymous said...

Can I direct you to "New To.." label at Poor Birding World for a pathetic and unfunny account of my "garden first" Coal Tit.
I have, in a rare piece of empathy, decided to keep a "birds seen while at work" (shop in a pedestrian precint in Edinburgh) list in order that, I too, can experience the highs and lows of patch birding.
P.S. this is not a urine extraction - I wish I had the attention span and dedication!

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