Mystery feathers

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I found these on the river wall yesterday.

I have an idea of where they came from, but I could be wrong (it does happen).

Any offers?

Feathers doing I wonder...


Des McKenzie said...

They look like gamebird feathers, Pheasant would be my guess. What did you have in mind?

Anonymous said...

I'll second the Pheasant! It may have been pining for Colchis.

Tim Sexton said...

If only I knew what 'pining for Colchis' meant. Defo Pheasant.

Des McKenzie said...

These central London gamebird records are very odd, Pheasant at Regent's Park, two at Kensington Gardens, Grey Partridge picked up in Marylebone and a similar pile of feathers found by Nathalie Mahieu in Fulham !

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