So the incubus of nominalism was dispelled.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

That is a complete sentence from a book I was reading last night.  It tickled me.

Not as much as the Kingfisher that I saw by the Wandle yesterday, nor the 7 Linnets that were close by.  I wouldn't have got as close to them as I did if it wasn't for the splendid new path thingy.

On the opposite bank there was a film crew filming some lads in old skool tracksuits playing cricket on concrete near a graffiti splattered wall.   More than likely some minor plot device showing gritty realism that will occur in The Bill in the not too distant future.

I have pictures of dubious quality of all of the above.  Except the book.

Those pictures are on a camera that is several miles from this computer.

So have a picture that would have been better if I had been just a teeny bit further away from the subject.

Black-headed Gull doing nearly nice.


Anonymous said...

My advice would be to read more bird books. One I had as a kid described bird mating as "a cloacal juxtaposition" - is that Barry White I can hear in the background?

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