What the hell is that?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Those are the words uttered by a 'member of the public' the other day when confronted with a duck in a local park.  Understandably.  He was flabbergasted when a duck swam past him.  Rightly so.

Now the interweb is a marvelous thing and I suspect that many people of the coming weeks and months may want to know what that crazy looking duck is in a certain park, namely Walpole Park in Ealing.  The searches that may  end up being entered into Google (other search engines are available) could have the form like..

funny looking duck walpole park ealing
strange looking duck walpole park ealing
colourful duck walpole park ealing
what duck walpole park ealing
what duck waplole park ealin
funny duck walploe prak ealing
what's that duck in walpole park?
osterley park duck (just in case)
ealing park duck
gunnersby park duck (again, you never know)

Members of the public may then land on this blog seeking answers to the question, so I am just helping out the public.  Disseminating information.  That kind of thing.

So the answer to the question is - it is a Mandarin Duck and it's latin name is Aix galericulata  and there are photos of it, and it's missus below.  Enjoy!  Send the link to your friends!   Show it to the world!

Regular readers of this blog may think that this whole post is an excuse for Statcounter tomfoolery and fresh duck porn. 

You'd be right.

But come on!  Look at it!


Mark Fellowes said...

Most ducks are fine, but mandarins are just about perfect (and wood ducks not far behind, obviously). It'll be interesting to see how your experiment turns out!

Anonymous said...

In a similar vein, on Nature Blog Network I found myself sandwiched between "Tug at Nature" and "A Spattering" - really!
P.S. Read Poor Birding World

Andrew said...

Did you ever actually get any hits off the back of this?

I ask perfectly innocently.

Thing said...

None! Haha!

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