Nay, nay and thrice nay

Monday, February 08, 2010

As far as I am concerned, trying to connect with birds on a familiar patch is not twitching.  Going to a local patch, hoping that something good is going to be there is not twitching.

However, going to a local patch to try and see mental looking chinese ducks and not seeing them is dipping.  Going to a local patch, looking in the book to see what has been seen, finding out that the female Scaup is still knocking about and that there was a drake Goldeneye there in the morning and not seeing either of them is dipping.  They look(ed) like this.

So there you have the brief synopsis of a small amount of birding over the weekend.  Dipping.

Anyone noticed how tasty the Tufties are looking at the moment?

A Tufted Duck doing cracking plumage and everything.


Anonymous said...

You have to twitch to dip - bloody twitcher!

Thing said...

Thanks to one, and pants to the other ;-)

Anonymous said...

No need to be like that :( I'm sensitive you know.

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