Some words, a number and a picture

Friday, February 26, 2010

Yesterday was dull.  Dull dull dull.  Hardly worth mentioning.  But I will because I heard a Song Thrush.  And it was singing in Hurlingham Park.  It's a year tick for the patch bringing the total to 54.  It will sing again, and it's status here (as far as I am concerned) is of possible breeder, unconfirmed.

So here is the obligatory photo of a completely different bird.

A  Moorhen doing floating.


Ernest said...

With words, a picture and a number you are well on the way to Adult Numeracy Level 2.
Anyway, how do you know that Song Thrush wasn't an escape from a
The Song Thrush sanctuary in Hemel Hempstead? That's the biggest one in the country, run by Marco Pirrione who was the rather rotund guitarist in Adam and the Ants. He's in the Song Thrush business big time now of course.
Nobody knows why.

Dave said...

Excellent booty shot of the Moorhen.
Who'd have thought someone from Adam and the Ants would be breeding birds...

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