I have been harsh on a duck

Friday, February 19, 2010

I never thought that I would be accused of that, unless spiking a roasted one with a fork counts.  Plum sauce. Roast potatoes.  Mange tout Rodney.  Yummy.  But I digress...

I have taken the counsel of my peers. I have wrestled with my conscience. I have consulted the rather vague set of rules governing my list. It would seem that I have been a bit harsh on myself. And it would seem that the sensible thing to do is tick the Wigeon.


Patch tick 77!

Two in a week!

51 for the year!

Thanks to all that replied with the words of wisdom (yes, even Ray), it is but a trifling moral dilemma I admit, but important nonetheless (in the context of the patch anyway).

The Wood Ducks I cannot tick. As Mark said, they do breed but they just feel wrong to me. Mandarin feel right, Wood Duck feels wrong. I suspect that if I were applying UK400 Club rules I could probably tick it, but I don’t. They would have Bar-headed Goose on their London list, whereas I didn’t tick the one I saw at Brent Res last year, because it doesn’t feel right.  That's just how listing works as far as I'm concerned.

Due to the annoying precipitation yesterday, I didn’t get anywhere near Wandsworth Park. Today I may head that way, but I rather feel that I might be on for a hat-trick of patch ticks and might not get there.

I live in hope (patch birder mantra #3).

Four ducks doing plastic and fantastic.


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