The Final Countdown?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Powers outside my control meant that I 'unfortunately' had an opportunity to count the Starlings again this morning as they emerged from the roost under Wandsworth Bridge.  Unless Mrs Thing wants to brave a chilly morning by the Thames, this is likely to be the last count that I do this winter.  There are two reasons for this.  One - sun-up is earlier which means that soon they willl start pouring out before 7am, which means I have to get up stupid early to get on site.  Two - there doesn't seem any point any more.  I'm not being defeatist, I just keep coming  up with the same number.  c4,500 birds - and that was the count again.  Stick that into BirdTrack I reckon and get that satisfying message about an abnormal number of birds come up.  Nice.

Science.  Done.

The reward for all this?  Have a look at these pictures (which are untouched save for a crop).

Wandsworth doing not so bad actually when you look at it like this.


Des McKenzie said...

The Great Fire of London revisited !

Mark Fellowes said...

Excellent images - the sky's on fire!

Anonymous said...

great pics

Derek Gallagher said...

Wandsworth? a pint of Youngs I think or am i digressing?

Great photos anyway


Nathalie said...

@Derek: Wandsworth, would have to be the Wandle nowadays. I don't drink beer but I'm told it's a pretty nice one ( for example).

Nathalie, digressing further

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