Ay up chuck!

Monday, April 12, 2010

An update on recent ornithological happenings that I have been witness to.

The Shopping Trolley Coots are on the third nest (as of Friday).

At a local park, there are more Pochards than last year, much courtship is going on.

Um, if I had ran a loo-list year list, it would now have Blackcap (h) on it.

Erm, I found a hole in a tree in a patch with a nesting Parakeet in it last week.

Errrrr, I have noticed this spring more than most the amount of birds that are feeding on the berries of Ivy and are still doing so in April.  I've seen some fierce competition between Blackbirds over bushes, obviously Wood Pigeons are stuffing down as many as they can but I've also seen Robins and Great Tits getting stuck in.  On Sunday however, there was a male Blackcap getting stuck in whilst the Blackbirds ignored it.  Strangely it constantly uttered it's alarm call - for those that don't know it is like two stones being hit together, perhaps even specifically rounded flints and a glancing blow chuck chuck chuck - and didn't seem to stop when feeding.  Nice, though, fresh from Africa.  Good bird.

Have a picture of a Wren instead.

A Wren doing digimonned by some thorns and water.


Ernest said...

Instead of what?

Thing said...

Any of the above - come on Ray - keep up!

Andrew said...

Ah Thing, the day you post a relevant picture is the day I start worrying :-)

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