noth·ing - [nuhth-ing]

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Absolutely nothing. By definition, an absence of anything. In the sky. Apart from sky.

It’s all a bit strange. Even on the clearest summer days in this city there is always something man made in the sky, or the evidence of something manmade having been there. Even first thing in the morning there is always a contrail somewhere, but today there is nothing. A cloudless clear blue sky. Soak it up over the weekend, because you might not see the sky like our forefathers did again.

In 1821 when this volcano was last eruptive, it was busy for two years. So I might be a bit premature. This could be something we see over and over again, and if that is the case the implications will be way beyond cancelled flights.

Check the picture.  There are birds in it.  Quite large ones to, but absolutely nothing else.

The sky doing nothing.  Almost.


Dave said...

Excellent photo of nothing!

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