fulham joins in migration tick frenzy

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

That's right kids, a migrant in the patch....

There I was, standing outside, discussing the merits of goalkeepers that play for north London Premier League teams, when a bird flew past, beyond and behind  the head of one of the people I was talking to (as I was not having the discussion on my own).  It was a Swallow.  Hurrah!

I managed to conceal my glee, make an erudite observation regarding Gomez and still take the year tick (58 for the year).


A non-migrant not flying past.


James said...

Just for the record - Gomez is the superior north london keeper.

Dave said... your non-flying, noon-swallow photo...

Ernest said...

Hedda Gabler... she was a goalie! I think a number of prominent philosophers really were goalies. No doubt wikipedia would tell us the truth.
I see that the "word" I have to type in to prove I am not a robot is "eniliati" today. Is there someone out there trying to communicate with us with these nearly-words?
Perhaps enliati was a goalie too.

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