not what i hoped for...

Friday, April 09, 2010

...but it will do for now.

The first couple of vismigskywatchraptorwatching thingies of the year have predictably brought about nothing.  Not even an unidentified hirundine.  Just lots of looking around with the internal monologue following the predictable lines. 

Yep, Pigeon.
Is that a Pigeon? 
Funny looking Pigeon. 
Still a Pigeon.
Wood Pigeon. 
That Pigeon has got white wings.
Oh, a Cormorant. 
Whoa!  Bird right behind me! Oh, fat Wood Pigeon.

You get the idea.  However a brief stare at the sky this morning did bring a Jay flying across the river.  An unusual bird for here, but a yearly tick and the first for this year.

57 for the year.

Feel free to view the image captured yesterday evening.

Mandarin doing caught in the late evening sun.


Ernest said...

Starlings are always good for a moments wild speculation. Up here we are having to fight off all the pesky Sand Martins, Chiffchaffs ( boy, can they peck ), Willow Warblers and Mipits . I find that a special stick called a "Wandle" is the best implement to scare off the buggers. Works every time. It's a cross between a Wand and a starting handle.... a sort of "magic club" but not the Magic Circle of course.
Have you got a Wandle at all?

Dave said...

Wow! Now there's a duck doing colorful!

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