a louder alauda

Monday, April 19, 2010

Continuing on the theme of the continuation of nothing, I was by Heathrow Airport yesterday and stopped along the South Perimeter Road.  Normally this would be very noisy and full of the business of the taking of and landing of ruddy great planes.  Not yesterday, as only the most hermit-like would not know. 

I could hear something though, way up in the sky, too high to see - a Skylark.  Singing it's head off, and probably being heard for the first time. 

A sunset doing all ashed up by Eyjafjallajoekull


Katie (Nature ID) said...

Thank you for sharing your observations.

laurence.d said...

I live under the in-bound flight path of stansted airport ,it,s been like a holiday,may it go on and on...

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