new migrant stopover in fulham

Thursday, April 08, 2010

It is well documented that tired migrants will often use drilling platforms out at sea to rest on when on their migration, especially in more inclement weather.  It is well documented that I don't see many (or perhaps any) migrant birds in this patch.

Put these two facts together, and I reckon it could all change because of this...

That's right kids, someone has gone and stuck an oil rig in the middle of the Thames right by Wandsworth Bridge.  I shit you not.  Alright it might not be an oil rig, but to the layman it really really does look like one.  And it wasn't there yesterday. 

There is nobody on it.  It is just sitting there in all it's Mary Celeste like incongruous isolation doing nothing more than promoting questions amongst the commuters as they pass over the bridge.  They are generally along the lines of 'What the...?', moving towards 'How the...?' or at the extreme end of the imaginations 'Is this how the Pharoah is going to pay the debt off at Craven Cottage?.  I asked some nearby and busy looking cockney workmen if they knew anything about it, but they knew nothing either.

Intriguing for sure.  The reality is something to do with a super sewer. And it is going to be noisy.  Great.

Kept this goose interested though.

A Goose doing intrigued.


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