is it a loblolly?

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

It’s a serious question, even though a little off topic for me.

I say it again - is this a Loblolly Pine? No, I hadn’t heard of a Loblolly Pine either, but now that I know that it exists it has automatically become my favourite tree in the entire world. Basic web identification of trees is a bit pants, and my tree book is in deep storage. Hence my throwing the question out to the blogwebonet...

A little context - I saw this tree in Norfolk, and it had these little bitty pine cones on them and they are pink – hot hot pink! And I was quite wowed by them, having never seen this before, despite living within 400 yards of the tree for a couple of years. That was a long time ago however and the tree may have been more immature than I was at the time. As usual, I have digressed. The question remains – is this a Loblolly Pine, and if it is not do you know what it is?

A tree doing loblolly.  Maybe


Neil said...

I think it is Larch, saw some also at the weekend, but had not previously noticed them before.

Andrew said...

My Collins tree guide agrees with Neil, looks very Larchlike.

Thing said...

Dammit - Larch it is. Loblolly would have been brilliant.

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