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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Maybe that's over-egging it a bit.  Maybe a mile-pebble.  Or a yard-stone.  I'll explain in a bit.  Firstly, birds...

Like many other London birders yesterday I was hoping for some migrant action yesterday.  Specifically I was hoping for a singing Blackcap and possibly a hirundine.  I failed miserably on both as you might have expected.  There was a brief and excellent view of a male Sparrowhawk which may well be nesting in the same place as last year as the female has been seen intermittently too.  Other than that there was a Black-headed Gull.  Just the one.  And just the once.   The numbers have been steadily going down and now all I am left with is the stragglers.  Of course when the gulls leave the patch for the summer they are replaced by...well nothing actually.  I just lose about 60-70% of the physical numbers of birds which can be annoying when the remainder are in trees or are Coots. 

Believe it or not this is the 300th post on this blog, no honestly.  To mark this rather dubious milestone I've added some more birdy blog links on the birdy blog links on the birdy blog bit on the right.  It includes the excellent Tower 42 project, some patch birders local and not so, an Amurkn and Ray.  My mother thinks Ray is amusing.  I think he's a bit bonkers, in a nice way.  Feel free to make your own mind up...

Here is your utterly relevant picture.

A Heron doing in focus and sharp and perhaps even verging on a decent photo!

Normal service will resume shortly.


Ernest said...

Well I AM ray and I sometimes have a tricky time deciding. After 40 years of marriage my wife The Librarian still can't tell when I am being serious.
I do do other blogs which are perfectly serious. It can be done.
When people come to my house they look around and generally say " How interesting." However, I notice their houses look nothing like mine.
Remember what that Mr. Bennett said... we are only here to amuse our neighbours.
Well done on reaching 300... anyone who has tried it will know it is not easy. Best wishes for another 300 from Ray.

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