Friday, March 06, 2009

I went to Suffolk on 'bidness' yesterday, and saw very little of interest ornithologically. Suffolk is nice (see the pic), and I was almost within smelling distance of Havergate.

Once the job was done, I informed my minion that we would stop for lunch at the nearest pretty laybay type thing. Which we did. There was a Great Tit wheezing in a tree, and a LTT which finished each of the Great Tit's syllables with a short peep. Weird. Jackdaws were knocking about in the distance. Not very exciting. Once the brief scoff was over we set off and a couple of corners later we found a parking area, by a river which was at low tide and gulls were present on the foreshore. This would have been a much better place to have lunch, so I pretty much fucked that opportunity up.

I have to go to a public house at lunchtime, again on 'bidness' so will not be out on the patch. Wheatears have been seen recently at the Wetland Centre, and Sand Martins are starting to move through but I have not seen any (yet). Next weeks focus is going to be on trying to find Grebes mating.

That is the state of affairs, as they stand. Right now.


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