Monday, March 09, 2009

Being a creature of habits and simple pleasures, Saturday was given over to the Hyde Park Owls again. They are bigger than they were and can now fly. We were not aware of this until they started clambering about and rather than falling when they launched themselves, they flew and didn’t fall. There was the perhaps inevitable comic moment when one landed on the male who promptly flew to another tree.

Have a picture.

There was the usual assortment of birders and hangers on, and it helps to remind me why speaking to birders can be infuriating as they can be such a pretentious and snobbish lot. There was a thoroughly nice chap (whose name I didn’t get) who was there for a couple of hours with us who gave me a gentle ribbing about my old school optics, but was humble enough to use my scope for a little digital photography… The mental posh dude turned up again, but I’m warming to him – a little English eccentricity does no harm. We were riffing for a bit about the function of eye lashes within Eurasian avian predators. Rockin!

Other birders were largely annoying, and remarkably dismissive of the situation, some only staying long enough to get the fancy optics out, clock the bird and fuck off. But there you go, nowt stranger than folk.

There were parakeets nearby, have a picture.

Heard a Green Woodpecker, saw a Great Spot and the usual passerines were kicking about.

And I managed to dip on the Med Gull twice in a day. Bummer.

And uncharacteristically off topic, Ayr United went top of the league after thumping Stranraer 5-0 on Saturday. A win at Raith next week and the title is in the bag!


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