Thursday, March 26, 2009

The ardent acronym fans amongst you will know that this stands for Situation Normal - All Fucked Up.

And in the world of a certain pair of coots that live on the Wandle, this is quite an apt description of yesterdays events. The tide was well in and when I arrived they were frantically swimming around with random twigs, trying to make a difference...

Comparing the height of the water to more halcyon days... can see why the nest is doomed. In the middle of the picture you can see the remaining egg which is floating in the river. However, the obvious fact that the egg is now bobbing about in the cold water two feet above the nest is no reason not to try and incubate it - which is what this bird is doing...

Showing the incredibly strong instinct to protect the egg, regardless. Well that's the first brood fucked. Should have another soon.
Stay tuned kids - for the next enthralling episode of When Coots Go Bad!


Alan Tilmouth said...

Come on don't stand by do what we (humans) normally do an interfere, get a floating nest platform sorted out, contact the local press, you'll have all sorts coming down to champion their right to breed.

Thing said...

I've got a contact in the council, so it might be an idea.

Hardly Darwinian though is it?

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