Nice beaver!

Friday, March 20, 2009


More beaver propaganda appeared in the Times yesterday in the section aimed at children (young times?).

Some choice excerpts...

"This week scientists said beavers could be the saviours of England's environment..."

"Beavers even help to keep rivers clean, which would mean lesss money spent on water treatment and a cheaper water bill for your mum and dad! "

"...ecosystem engineers "

"... most negative effects are more minor than major..."

Pah! How many of these things do they really think are going to take root? For beavers to have an effect on the water bills and for that matter water quality of an area with millions of people in it, they'll have to have every bloody water course in the south east dammed up! Twice! Ecosystem engineers my arse. What a crock of shite.
I am currently still being teased by Grebes...


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