Splash and a dash

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

And that dear reader is what a river looks like just after the Grebe I am trying photograph objects to my proximity...

As I may have intimated, I’m going to be trying to find the Great Crested Grebes and their mad courtship stuff this week. I’ll have high tides at lunchtime all week which helps. According to my notes, they were still at it at the beginning of April last year, and as they have started already this year, I might be in with a chance of witnessing the full blown courtship if I keep my focus on them for a week or so. Or that’s the plan. Offering rubbish photos may be secondary to the actual observation, and they are pretty evasive little bastards any way. But this was how far they got yesterday.

They began this in one area, and moved off pretty quick upstream, where I cannot follow due to the electricity substation. So I bypassed that and waited for them further up river, and they eventually came quite close (that old school field craft again folks) but not doing much at the same time mind you... so all I got was one doing a Shaky impression.


Alan Tilmouth said...

You could sell that last one to foreign tourists as a kind of London version of Nessie.

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