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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

A new webolink is on the right, which thanks to Jim and James shows blogs in a map format and it's filling up quick!

In the UK there seems to be a massive bias to the north west - are you guys the only ones with anything worth seeing? Do northerners have a disposition for blogging? I dunno, but at the moment I'm the only one in London.

The idea is that the maps show birding blogs that are reasonably site specific around the globe that have a birding bias, so should anyone be heading to an area they can have a look at what's likely to be there. The chances of anyone actually wanting a day out in Fulham is negligible. However, in the spirit of the map here is a picture of what to expect.


Alan Tilmouth said...

I've just topped up the NE quota on the map.It's a funny thing though, there's loads of us in Northumberland but one in Durham and none on Teeside that I can find

Bryan Rains said...

It's not a bad take up for a few days on the web. I'm the only one on my part of the map so people might not see me unless they zoom out a lot!

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