The times, they are a changing

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It would seem that over the weekend the vast majority of the Black Headed Gulls have all but disappeared – which is a harbinger of springy type events as one assumes that they are off to breed. On this stretch of the river at low(ish) tide in the winter, there would be two or three hundred along the foreshore along with the smattering of Common, Herring and BB’s. Today I spent an hour on the bank without seeing a single specimen land. A half dozen or so flew over the bridge, but that was it.

In the spirit of post continuity, here is a Grebe.


Andrew said...

It's exactly the same by the Tower. Walked over there at low tide yesterday and the birds were all gone - just a few LBB sunbathing on the exposed riverbed.

It's a bit boring there now really. Think I'll cheer myself up tomorrow by looking for Tufties.

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