Come on Barca!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It seems like ages since I mentioned Coots, and so as not to disappoint regular readers here I go again.

Went to check on the shopping trolley yesterday lunchtime, and initially there was no nesting behaviour to be seen. There was a single Coot there, but it didn't seem that interested in the site. That was until a pigeon had an idea about landing on the shopping trolley to see if it could find something interesting on it. At that point the Coot went mad! It launched itself directly at the pigeon/nest exocet like before the pigeon had finished landing and it flew off. This bird still obviously feels that it needs to protect the site. Just to reiterate that it was the boss, it climbed on to the trolley and gave a bit of foot stamping and loads of threat posturing stuff.

A Coot doing behaviour

It then had a preen and moved back into the water.

After this I found a Cormorant.

A Cormorant doing swimming

After that I found the Grey Wagtail nest (which I am especially pleased with) and I'll try and get some rubbish pics of it today.

Please Barca, please beat Man U. I'll love you long time, please Barca, please!


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