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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Why do I ask dear reader?

Well this humble blog is now 100 posts old. I’m not entirely sure that this is something to be celebrated, or regretted. Either way, I’ll proceed as if no milestone has been reached, and carry on as normal. If it ain’t broke…

Yesterday lunchtime was mostly spent watching Grey Wagtails at the end of the Wandle. Pied Wagtails are handsome little birds, but to me the Grey is a bit special. Qualifying that statement with any good reason I cannot do, they just are. Regular readers will know that there was assumed breeding success last year as I spotted a juvenile in the late summer. Regular readers will also know that they have been a regular occurrence over the winter and I hoped that they would hang around for another punt at breeding. Well it looks like they are. A male and female in situ, calling to each other a lot and in very suitable habitat. The male spent most of the time carrying around a gobfull of insects. Here he is.

And again, rubbishly.

Cracking. Will probably check that little fecker out again today.

Now, in the track Black Sabbath from the album Black Sabbath by the late sixites rock combo Black Sabbath a young Mr Osbourne (their 'vocalist') is heard to shout/scream “Oh no, oh no, oh please god help me”. A similar utterance came out of my mouth when I found this......

You might not be able to see what it is, but you might be able to guess.

Zoom in...

It's another pair of coots nesting in a totally inappropriate site! Hurrah! Suffice to say that this spot is as tidal as every other point around the Wandle basin, but if they have been clever, they might get away with it. It seems to be floating so it might just work!

And yes, it's a boat. I'll explain that another day.


Nathalie said...

Happy 'Anniversary'!
Looking forward to the next 100.

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