These go to eleven

Friday, May 15, 2009

As you might guess, there is still not much happening in the patch. Little glimmers of joy still poke their heads out of the morass of daily patch birding.

A Pied Wagtail with a gobfull of insects was a good sign, and the Grey is still seen occasionally. Over half a dozen swifts overhead most of the time. Yesterday lunchtime, a couple of Common Terns flew down the river, disliked the make up of Wandsworth Bridge (well you would!) and flew back up again at the same time as a Chiffchaff starting piping up. First singer this year, not a year tick as there were overwintering bird(s) but I doubt very much if it will hang around.

There was a young chap taking samples of the water and silt at low tide too. He's doing a PhD at some London university. Hopefully he will send me a copy of the paper that he is preparing which could make quite interesting reading. He's looking at levels of mitten Crabs, shrimps, fish and the Heavy Metal content across six sites on the Thames. He may even want to know about the birdlife in the area - step forward your resident coot 'expert'. ROCK!


Nathalie said...

Funnily enough, terns are doing the same with Hammersmith Bridge... Often, they come from the Wetland Centre, fly to the bridge, turn round, fish something, go back to the centre. Repeat.

Anonymous said...

Another week of pleasurable reading.

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