Early start what?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Chin chin! Arose rather early as there was much to do. I had to fire the housekeeper and cleaner as the House won't pay for them anymore (frightfully inconvenient I say, something to do with the proles Hogg told me), and they left without clearing the moat out what? Jolly bad form I say, so I had to pop the barbour on and do it ones self - such a crushing bore. It was while I was undertaking this onerous task (Mother will have to do it next time, it's terribly messy and dangerous) that I heard a Little bird singing. Wonderful flutey texture what? Reminded me of my days in Gib! Wasn't entirely sure what it was to be perfectly frank, but I know this chap in the village - he's jolly knowledgeable about these things, he's a twitchy or some such I think, so I popped into the study and pulled out the trusty old Lee Enfield and

Hang on! Wrong blog!

This is the singer - Blackcap - in a tree.
Honestly there is! There is a warbler size blob in the middle of this Digimonoculared picture. It is a blackcap. It's the one in my back garden. Still there after a week, singing it's head off all day. Haven't located a female yet, so fingers crossed.
The one in Fulham has disappeared (typically), and there is not much to report from the patch (bugger all would be a better description). The highlight yesterday was an Egyptian goose taking off, flying into the wind, thinking better of it and going back to where it was anyway ffs.


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