Two ticks.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Due to internal physical reasons, which I will not distress you with here dear reader, I was up with the Crested Lark this morning, and spend my time wisely by shuffling about on the river bank, watching not much happen. The wetland centre has had Hobby in the last few days, so I was secretly hoping for one of those little belters. Of course, they didn’t appear.

After an hour or so things started to pick up. The Blackcap started singing again, an Egyptian Goose flew about for a bit and then I picked up a Swallow going about it’s business on the other side of the river. Patch year tick! After a short while I returned to the Blackcap, in the hope that I could find a female and I was alerted by an unfamiliar call over the river. Eyyyyyyyyes left! Bingo! Common Tern flying down river. Shmokin! Patch year tick! That brings it up to 53 for the year and more still to come.

Swan anyone?


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