Part VII - Not a Balrog...

Saturday, May 30, 2009

You may have thought that this one had gone away, or I had run out of stupid bird names for your delectation dear reader.

Not so!

If you are Swedish, there is a good possibility that your name could amuse English speakers with an idiosyncratic sense of humour and this one has. Especially as it is tagged onto a daft species name.

I present to you Olrog’s Cinclodes, Cinclodes olrogi.

I nicked this photo from a dude called Ramon Moller Jensen

Not a bad looking fella, eh?

Olrog was a Swedish Ornithologist/naturalist who spend most of his time in Argentina, where the LBJ lives (as does Ramon).

For the Larophiles out there, Olrog also has a gull named after him, but you knew that right?

Thanks again to Bo Boelens!


Alan Tilmouth said...

You'd like Jules blog in Norway, check out the Thor post on Dusty Bins.

Thing said...

Great blog, crazy names!

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