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Friday, May 22, 2009

I had a rant a while back about the lack of Loxia in my life and the world in general - click

Well now I am compelled to recant. Not because I have seen the damned things of course! Let me explain dear reader....

My mother recently went on a posh walking holiday in Scotland (the home land). While she was there, I sent an entirely innocent text to enquire as to how things were going. The reply, although equally innocent in tone has massive implications to my world view.

It read thus...

"Great ta. Saw pr crossbills on wed. Heard cuckoo but no sight. Just had swim and Jacuzzi. Weather great. x"

It's the second sentence that I have 'issues' with.

How on earth can I continue with this campaign of denial regarding these funny bloody finches when my mother has seen them for fucks sake? If I continue in that vein I am ostensibly calling my own mother a liar. Which is not nice.

So, for the record - I believe that Crossbills exist.
Happy now?
Because I'm not.
Not only does my mother have White Stork on her list (I don't), she also has Crossbills on her list.
"Weather great. x"
For no reason at all, St James' Park Pelicans.


Unknown said...

Grin, isn't it always nice to get innocent little messages from our Moms? ;)
Now I need to go look what on earth a crossbill is :)
(Not in my dictionary,mh..)
Ah,translation bird page helps. "Kreuzschnabel", can't find a pic, sigh...oh well, keep me posted whenever you catch one in front of your lens :)

Cheers from Hungary!
We have a lot of white storks btw. *duck and run* ;)

Alan Tilmouth said...

Ah, but does she only have Crossbill (sp) on her list which is as good as not having it on the list at all in many eyes, good enough to ignore.

James said...

I agree with Alan - no ticks there. COuld have been any crosser species.

Thing said...

Sorted. I'll try that one out the next time I hear "I've seen crossbills, you haven't".

Not sure how well it will go down though! ;-)

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