Freak show!

Friday, May 29, 2009

One thing that a patch birder faces is familiarity. The familiar birds that are seen every single day in exactly the same place. I'm not talking about the species here, it is the particular individual animals.

As this patch has limited wildlife friendly areas, and birds are fairly territorial right now there are very few interlopers being thrown into the mix. Yesterday there were three interlopers and they stood out a mile. Not just because the goose count was too high, but because they were freaks! Weird hybrid monster birds - escaped from the mad scientist's lair to reek havoc on the unsuspecting residents of Fulham...

Or maybe they were just after some bread.

Here are two (with the cinnamon pigeon - which I see every day. I hate it).

And for the close ups...

Freak 1

Freak 2

Freak 3

These are somebody elses birds. Please take them back, they're not right.


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