Green Giant

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Behold the can.

Yes, dear reader, you and I know that this is an empty can of Green Giant niblets (other brands of sweet corn are available). Why should I present to you such a picture? Well- lets turn that question into an early morning fun quiz! Send your text's to the usual number, remember kids that they will cost a fortune, you won't get a reply and you'll feel used once your choice is knocked out in the final vote. Anyway....

Is the can...

a) just sort of lying there?

b) dipping a Crested Lark?

c) part of the structure of a Coots nest at BrentRes?

d) oh, you've guessed it already haven't you...

Indeed it is - there are lots of coots nesting at Brent Res - and they have taken full use of all the wonderful things that the ever considerate residents of Barnet have left in the water. Including a patio chair. Honestly.
I would have loved to have seen the stupid bloody bird fetching the can up to it's nest, but all I have is mental images of the struggle. Mrs Thing is particularly taken with this addition to the list of nesting material that these halfwit birds use. Although I do cast continuing aspersions on their mental acuity, they have to be admired for their adapdability, as strange as it may seem to the human eye.

While we are talking about coot nests (well, I say we) here is the final scene of act two in the saga of the shopping trolley pair. Not sitting on a single egg, while the nest is not higher than it has been or needs to be. Wandle 2, coots 0.


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