Birding from the Hip

Friday, July 03, 2009

Well I don't know about those that are 'oop north', but this week has been a little bit peaky. Thankfully, my journey home last night was undertaken in a vehicle with aircon, which meant that I could get home without my knackers fusing with my thighs. The other benefit was that the vehicle has a CD player, which meant that I could listen to the free CD that came with Birdwatch this month. Very enjoyable it was too, I recommend it to you dear reader. Unfortunately it seems that one of the tracks isn't on there (on my copy anyway), which is a pity.

Here is a totally unrelated digomonoculared image of a duck.

A Mallard doing female.


Alan Tilmouth said...

Yes, this week's humidity even here in the frozen wastes that lie north of Teeside has resulted in the loss of crotch in yet anotehr pair of combats.

Billy Dykes said...

A Mallard doing female? Its a bit late now, the breeding seasons over soon! Brilliant blog, very funny

Thing said...

A chap from the sound approach has contacted me and during our conversation it seems that I am evidently supplying incorrect info into the ethernet. There are only three tracks, as the first is only a short instrumental.

Still disappointing though...

Dave said...

I'm enjoying 'doing' you blog!

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