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Thursday, July 09, 2009

The pictures here are all of one species of Duck. On my patch, they do very little. They just sit around and do nothing. They rarely can even be arsed to fight with a Mallard. The pictures here are not taken from my patch, but from a local park and the first two amuse me.

A Tuftie doing fear

A Tuftie doing I know not what

Regular readers will know that I am not one for indulging in Humble-esque eeuuaarrgh loogat them Bill they’re zooo sweeeeeeeettt outbursts when a young bird is in the vicinity. However, this family of day old chicks that were found yesterday are not bad looking. Mrs Thing got it right when she said they were 'adorable'

See what you think.

Tufties doing Eeuuaarrgh loogat them Bill they’re zooo sweeeeeeeettt!!


Anonymous said...

oh so calm, oh so sweet, -- until the heron comes

Dave said...

I like the 'crazy eyes' photos!

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