Dodgy Gulls Of Winter part 2

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Anyone noticed that patch blogging can be repetitive?

Much the same story yesterday as there was the day before. There is a certain amount of site fidelity with over-wintering gulls here, there was a Yellow-legged Gull in this area over a chunk of the winter and at certain times I pretty much new where it would be. So it is no surprise to me to find a gull in the same place on consecutive days.

Here are some more images of the dodgy gull.

Nice comparison with a Lesser Black Backed

Nice comparison with a Lesser Black Backed

Interesting that it is moulting so the pattern on the primaries is not clear


Not entirely sure what this photo brings to the table

Yeah, it perched on something. In direct sunlight. Cheers.

In flight windows and things. You still reading this?

Close up! More inconclusive imagery.

In flight chase sequence! Again, not helping much with the ID.

It's the one on the right by the way.

So there we are. No real new clues to nail the identity. I'm sort of veering away from the washed out LBB theory but without some more salient ID features (wing projection, orbital ring, close comparison to an equally aged Herring, good gawp at the bill etc etc - some of which may not be clear until the primaries poke through) this gull stays firmly in the 'dodgy pile'.


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