Dodgy Gulls Of Winter part 3

Friday, July 17, 2009

Or perhaps, once-was-dodgy-but-as-it's-hanging-about-long-enough-it-got-an-ID-gull-of-winter part 1.

Not much of a ring to it though.

It was still there for the fourth day yesterday, and it's a Yellow-Legged Gull. Bear in mind that the moult is incomplete, and the primaries are expected to project more. Also, my trusty Canon seems to slightly darken the mantle colour. Either way, here it is...

A Gull doing posing.

Another picture of the same gull.

That will be the same gull then.

A slightly different picture of a gull you have already seen pictures of.

You bored of gull pictures yet?

A gull doing buggering off.

You may have the impression that I am not particularly excited by this (perhaps by the lack of swearing and exclamation marks), but I am. Although a YLG is not a patch tick, or even patch year tick, it still comes under the category of a proper bird. Even though it's a gull.


Rick said...

Think I saw this feller at the Wetland centre last night... eating a chick os some sort... At least, it was a large YLG with a quite dark back... Very yellow legs!

Thing said...

Hmmm! Last night would have been high tide time. There must be a certain amount of passage between this area and the wetland centre dependent on the tidal situation. Very interesting. Cheers Rick!

Rick said...

Yep, high tide - there was nothing all along the river from Barnes to Wandsworth Bridge

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