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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Recent local reports have included 2 Little Egrets, Garganey, Black Tailed Godwits, Peregrine, and Yellow Legged Gull. Further afield there has been a Caspian Gull and a Black-necked Grebe (in summer plumage, hmmmm yummy!).

Note that these are not the reports from my patch which struggles to rustle up anything more than a Common Tern despite two bloody hours by the river yesterday. Oh, and a Swift. Sometimes I think that this patch is allergic to birds. Two bloody hours.

Anyway, I will persist, as this is the kind of nihilistic attitude that a patch birder wears with pride.

And if you have got this far in the post I can assume that you are after some digimonning excellence dear reader...

A Grey Wagtail doing juvenile


Steve Gale said...

Keep on watching the patch Bill. That rare gull will float past soon.

The Watcher said...

Keep on digimonning.

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