Dodgy Gulls Of Winter part 4

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Found this yesterday lunchtime. Another dodgy looking gull. I reckon it's a half decent shout for a Caspian. Hungry it was too.

Any ideas?


Standing again.


Walking next to a Herring Gull.

Grabbing a pigeon.

Keeping hold of a pigeon.

Flying off with a pigeon.

Drowning a pigeon.

Still drowning a pigeon.

Trying to fly off with a pigeon.

Post pigeon drop.

A pigeon doing drowning.

A pigeon doing survival.


Anonymous said...

Arthur Morris eat your heart out thats mad that is!

Anonymous said...

That's definitely a feral pigeon, that is. ;)

Dave said...

Excellent documentery on Pigeon drowning!
I tried the Gull thing along our lake shore in January, saw some nice gulls...also froze my camera, feet, hands, head, and other assorted bits.

Andrew said...

You know, if the new Collins had come out I might be able to help. BUT IT HASN'T. Damn Collins. My book doesn't have Caspians :-(

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