Tuesday, July 07, 2009

No, dear reader, not the unlamented and largely forgotten boy band. No, the title of this postage refers to the number of nests that mentalist (but persistent) Coots have produced this year.

While the rest of the country was baking in the heat last week, these coots were making yet another nest and laying eggs. What else would they do?

It made me think though. The last nest was very high, it had potential, but was seemingly short lived. Might they have built the nest, mated, lost the nest and found that there was nowhere to put the eggs? This attempt may just be a reaction to having eggs turn up, and just sticking them down in the 'best' place. Or it might not.

Anyway - pictures of the expected stunning quality are below.

A coot doing incubation

A coot doing eggs


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